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Welcome to the world of Woodcarvings

Ihre Vorteile

High-quality wood carvings from craft production

In our company, we manufacture more than 25 years different wood carvings and nativity figures. Based in sunny South Tyrol we use quality materials to handsome and shapely wood products. We offer a wide range of South Tyrolean handicrafts. Discover traditional nativity figures, saints, Madonnas, angels, crucifixes or items for communion, baptism or wedding.

Ihre Vorteile

Wood products in various colors

Our nativity figurines, angels and wood carvings obtained by different techniques of painting their characteristic design: unpainted, stained, painted with watercolor or oil paints figures and products in real gold (gloss and antique) we included in our offer.

    Ihre Vorteile

    Nativity figurines, angels, wooden crosses and other wood carvings for any occasion

    In clear categories we present our wide range of products. We put our focus on the production of nativity figures. These are made of different wood types. You can choose from a variety of different types: traditional or modern figures and different thematic variations.

    We also produce angels, madonnas, wooden crucifixes and profane and religious woodcarvings such as Holy figures which can all be found in their own categories.

    Ihre Vorteile

    Our service for you

    We offer in our shop a variety of payment options. To select are made by bank transfer, Visa, PayPal and cash on delivery. From a purchase value of 250 euros, the shipment for you is free.

    If you have questions, requests, suggestions, praise or criticism feel free to contact us at any time. This can be noted e-mail, phone, fax or the contact form on the website. With your help, we try to improve our offer and service steadily.


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